Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A hard afternoon's work

My parents are adding a garden to their backyard and in these parts that means a garden fence to protect the harvest from roving herds of deer. My parents hired a crew led by the boys' personal hero--Jim Anderson--to build a fence with a gate. The gate required a frame, which required cement, which required a shortened school-day for Eliot and Peter so that they could watch, help and scavenge cool things like blocks of scrap wood and globs of wet cement. I mean, this was the real deal.

Eliot helps dump cement mix into the wheelbarrow. Peter watches and waits for his chance to add a dandelion to the mix because, well, why not.

Eliot and Peter took turns adding water.

Working together to blend the water with the cement.


And plop. 
Eliot did a pretty good job maneuvering his shovel and Peter got in on the action too.

Peter kicking back with some apple juice and some Winnie the Pooh tunes. A well earned rest.

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Raina and Andy said...

How did it turn out and what is growing in the garden? Love that they are real boys--getting hands dirty and learning a lot along the way! Raina