Thursday, May 30, 2013

Farmyard Fun

During the school holiday a few weeks ago, the boys and I were delighted to discover farm animals hanging out at our local shopping centre.

Eliot had a great time brushing the sheep and would sprinkle straw across their backs so as to have more brushing to do.

This was about as far away from me as Peter was willing to go.  I couldn't really blame him.  Most of the sheep and goats were eye level with him and some of them were pretty brazen, looking for anything edible.

It took a little while for Eliot to get the hang of feeding the animals.  It tickled his hand so he kept pulling back and spilling the food.

Once he figured it out, though, he was determined to keep them all well-fed.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Why is Eliot asleep on the floor?

A.  Because Peter dared him.
B.  Because, being recently inspired by the lives of Franciscan monks, he has decided to avoid as many creature comforts as possible.
C.  Because that's where mountain lions sleep.

The correct answer is C.  Last week Eliot was Mr Mountain Lion.  He became so wrapped up in his new persona that he decided to sleep on the floor because, as he explained it to me, that is where mountain lions sleep.  I tried to convince him that his own bed was a nice comfortable mountain lion bed, that mountain lions are actually quite fond of comfortable beds.  But to no avail.  He was absolutely determined to sleep on the floor.  I was able, at least, to get him to sleep on a fluffy lamb fleece.  But as you can see in the picture he shifted around and ended up on the hard floor.  We moved him back into his own bed after he'd fallen asleep.  For several nights Eliot went to sleep on the floor.  I went along with it and tried to make the floor as snug as possible.  He seems to have moved on now and goes to sleep in his own bed.  I really can't complain.  As a child I was notorious for pretending to be some animal or other.  My parents always humoured me.  At least, I don't have any memories of them not humouring me.  It's fun to see Eliot's imagination expanding and taking up the world around him.  Even if it means having to move him to his bed after he's fallen asleep.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Speaking Peter

If you want to learn to speak fluent Peter here are a few pointers that you may find helpful.

First, it's important to begin by focusing on your B's, D's, and G's.  You'll use them a lot.  Here are a few examples:
Peter:  Deter
Milk:  Gek  (still his favourite drink)
Truck:  Guk  (he loves watching for trucks out of the window, especially the garbage truck)
Bump:  Bup
Uh-oh:  Bu-po
Raisins:  Dai-sehs
Computer:  Dooter
Dessert:  Dert
Please:  Ease
Thank-you:  Dee-doo
La-dee-doo (a word adopted from Noni meaning any kind of physical mis-hap, as in "climb down from that table before you do a la-dee-doo"):  A-dee-doo

Always use the person's name when thanking them, i.e. Dee-Doo Daddy, Dee-Doo Mommy, and (my personal favourite) Dee-Doo Ed-et.

Sentences are short, to the point, and sometimes repeated with a slight variation on a single theme:  Wheh Daddy, Mommy?  Wheh Ed-et, Mommy?  Wheh Me, Mommy? 

When the lines of communication break down, quickly resort to an ear-splitting scream or obnoxious yell.  This will not restore communication, but you might find it somewhat cathartic.  Unless it gets you some alone time in another room, which it may.

And, above all, you must be prepared to adapt to changes in this rapidly evolving dialect.

Good luck.