Sunday, June 7, 2015

Summer Scholars

What is it about school-work at home during the summer that is so fun?  Now that school is out the boys have started in on some little work books to keep their 3Rs sharp over the summer months.  The other day when they were getting started Peter said that he didn't like to color.  To which Eliot responded, "Well Peter, there's lots of coloring in Kindergarten, so if you don't like to color you'll have a lot of trouble."  The wisdom of a Kindergarten graduate, thank you very much.

Peter is getting very good at writing his name.  Here he's tracing letters that I wrote in pencil, but even without letters to trace his name comes out looking pretty good.

Eliot is whizzing through his math book and is excited each morning to work on his books.  We have to limit him to three pages a day in each book so that he can get his foot-loose-and-fancy-free time in.