Saturday, May 8, 2010

Confessions of a Cookie-holic

It all started out innocently enough. Next to a window in my mother's kitchen there stands a squat little table upon which she had placed a large, glass cookie jar. This jar held a large number of Teddy Grahams which, with their innocuous grins and mild sweetness, quickly became a favorite with Eliot. It didn't take long for Eliot to understanding that by pulling himself up at the table, giving it a few smacks with the palm of his hand, and beaming at the nearest adult he would receive a few of the cookies. The limit was set at 4-5 cookies per day and life went merrily along.

As time passed however, he was not satisfied with 4-5 cookies and growing at a rate that made it necessary to remove the cookie jar to a safer place. A much higher table that also housed the cage (and last refuge) of the much beleaguered yorkie, Ernie. Needless to say, Eliot was soon wise to the move and it wasn't long before he was reaching up to the table many times a day, pounding his little fists, letting out squeals, and otherwise terrifying the dog who cowered in his cage, sure the end had come at last. So, the cookie jar found a new home, this time high up on one of the counters atop an old tin bread box. Yet again, Eliot was not to be fooled. Finally the cookie jar was placed inside a cupboard. A few mornings later when Eliot was frantically searching for his beloved Teddy Grahams, my mother and I felt it was time to stage an intervention. Eliot knew where the cookies had been and stretched out his dimpled hands in their direction, screaming his protest all the while. We stood our ground, though, and we have now been cookie-free for three days. Perhaps we'll celebrate by treating him to some Graham Crackers.