Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Just having a nose through the books

Peter's interest in books is beginning to broaden. He is discovering that they are not only good for relieving the discomfort of teething. It's also fun to turn the pages, look at the pictures and listen to fun new sounds.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Swimming Lessons

Last week after Eliot's swimming lesson, the teacher mentioned to me that he (Eliot) was a little hesitant to put his whole face in the water and wondered if goggles might help. That week we purchased a pair and Eliot thinks they are the greatest things ever. I was a little worried that he would be resistant to them, but there was no need to worry. He has even worked them into his evening routine. No shower is complete without putting on the goggles and dunking his face into a bucket of water.

His lesson today went very well. He used his goggles and didn't seem to have any trouble plunging himself into the water.

Peter had a great time watching, even if he did get a little sweaty. He was nearly as wet as Eliot was by the end of the lesson.

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Spirit of Exploration

A few weeks ago, during the boys' afternoon nap, I sat down exhausted. Why was the apartment such a mess? It didn't used to be so messy. Was I getting sloppy? What was going on? In the bathroom there were diapers strewn across the floor. Bath toys were all over the shower floor and trailed out onto the bath mat. The hamper of dirty clothes had been emptied, each item flung in a different direction.

Things were just as bad out in the living room. Books that hadn't been touched since we got settled in here were pulled out onto the floor. The bead maze was lying on its side. Plastic lids and cooking utensils were mixed in with the books. Shoes that had been neatly arranged beside the door were now scattered in disarray. A piece of toast was peeking out from under the couch. Then it struck me. Of course! We have a crawler! How had I forgotten about this stage? Peter, who has been eyeing everything around him for months, now has the ability to go check it out, and he's not wasting any time.

The shower is one of his all-time favorite spots.

No corner is above his notice.

Checking out the air conditioner, and enjoying a nice blast of cool air.

Testing the strength of our screen door.

Off to something new!