Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Father's Days!

Goodness!  Between Spencer's homecoming and Rissie's arrival I've pretty much fallen off the blogging wagon.  But I hope I'm climbing back on board in time to wish a very happy (if very belated) Father's Day to my dad and all of the fathers in my life.

We all did our part to make Spencer's Father's Day special.  I made homemade pork vinndaloo, per his request, for dinner.  Eliot gave him a back massage.  And Peter took his first steps (videos have been taken and will be shown on the blog once I can get that function working).  Spencer had worried that he would miss Peter's first steps while he was away in Paris, but Peter saved the special moment for his Daddy.

No mention of Father's Day was made in church that morning.  When we returned home and checked the calender we discovered that Australia doesn't celebrate Father's Day until September.  So there's probably another homemade pork vinndaloo dinner in Spencer's near future.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Daddy's coming home!

Spencer is getting home tomorrow.  It dawned on me as I was scrubbing Peter's hair with shampoo tonight that this would be the last time I'd be doing bedtime routine with the boys on my own for awhile.  I feel like a little kid who has waited patiently all through December, and now it's Christmas Eve and I am DONE waiting.  Nothing like 9 weeks alone with two little boys to help you appreciate what your husband does to help out.

I'm not the only one looking forward to Spencer's return.  Eliot is looking forward to having Daddy home and is excited to play with him tomorrow.  I'm sure Peter will take it all in stride.  I'm also sure that Spencer is going to be shocked by how much they've both changed.  Skype doesn't always do them justice.  We might have to pull out the Oilers jerseys again to celebrate!