Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving is such a wonderfully relaxing holiday. Eliot supervised all of the preparations and kept busy sorting through his box of "tools" at Grandpa and Noni's.

That weekend Spencer and I took Eliot down to Indiana to attend a wedding reception for our friend Bryn Grisham (neƩ Goates) and her new husband Zac. Spencer and I were great friends with Bryn in Madison. Attending French conversation group with Bryn in the back room of a little coffee shop on State Street is one of my favorite Madison memories. We are so happy for her and Zac and seeing them was well worth the trip.

It was also good practice for next spring when Eliot and I plan on driving down to South Bend, IN on the weekends to visit Daddy who will be installed at Notre Dame as a visiting scholar.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Eliot's first Halloween was a blast. Our farm pumpkin made a nice Jack o' Lantern with one lower right tooth (just like Mr. Eliot--though today we found tooth #2). Eliot and I dressed up (though not exactly on Halloween). They say there's always some truth to a joke. Perhaps the same applies for costumes, 'cause you know I'd take a bullet for this boy.

We've been enjoying the Wisconsin fall. There have been some really beautiful days. The leaves are pretty much all on the ground now, but last week the whole city was a blaze of color. We've taken some nice walks and Eliot has loved watching the maple leaves outside his window at Grandpa and Noni's.