Saturday, November 30, 2013

Getting to Paris

The boys have been looking forward to our Paris trip for a while.  We had several milestones, if you will, leading up to the trip.  First it was Grandpa, Nana, and Uncle Hugo's visit, then it was Daddy getting home from a trip that he was taking, next it was Halloween, and finally for the month of November we had our countdown chart.  Eliot loved the idea of the countdown chart and made or commissioned several in addition to the official one in the centre.  We coloured in the top of the tower the day of our departure.
Peter had fun trying on some of our hats and mittens.
Both boys enjoyed helping me pack.  As a result, it took a little longer than it otherwise would.
The taxi came to take us to the airport and the boys couldn't contain their excitement.  If our trip had consisted solely of riding around in that taxi I think the boys would have been satisfied.

Traveling is fun, but the boys were disappointed to find that it also involves a lot of waiting.  Fortunately this was the view from our gate.

As far as Peter was aware, this was his first time on an airplane.  He had a hard time understanding that he needed to stay in his seat with the belt buckled.  These things are hard to grasp when you're just a little guy.

Eliot, our veteran traveller, got settled right in and was ready to check out the entertainment options.  For much of the trip he watched an old Donald Duck/Chip and Dale cartoon that had him in stitches.
Peter enjoyed some of the entertainment options as well, though he had a little trouble getting the headphones to stay put.

Both boys enjoyed tucking in to their meals.

That last leg between Kuala Lumpur and Paris was a doozy and we were all happy to arrive.  The boys got a kick out of riding the covered escalators at Charles de Gaulle.  Our taxi was waiting to take us to our apartment and the boys had another thrill, the taxi had windows in its roof! 

We arrived in Paris early in the morning, so after we had unpacked and settled into our apartment we went out and did some exploring.  We rode the metro over to the Hotel de Ville (pictured above) and then walked over to Notre Dame to have a walk through.  It's fun to see the things that interest them.  We had to stop and watch the metro train leave, and pause to examine the various traffic signs.  Walking through Notre Dame and admiring the gothic architecture I told the boys that we were going to "see what there is to see" to which Peter responded hopefully, "like cars?"
We stopped in for a patisserie which was a hit.
This is Peter's new Smile For The Camera Face.  He was thoroughly enjoying his pain Suisse.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The day we all knew was coming

The trouble with baby curls is that they can't last forever.  Like everything else in childhood, you have to eventually let them go.  Peter's curls have had a good run.  They've stuck around for at least a year longer than originally planned.  They have been much-loved.  But they were not without their down sides.  For example, combing them out every evening had become a major thorn in everyone's side.  It often consisted of me, bent double, following Peter around the apartment with a comb in his hair while he screamed for someone, anyone, to save him.

Then there was the heat.  As the temperatures climb it becomes more and more uncomfortable for Peter.  Heat rash is looming in the near future (our approaching trip to the Northern Hemisphere notwithstanding.)

So, the time had come for Peter to have his first haircut.  Bear was brought along for moral support.

We chose Wednesday morning so that Eliot would be in school.  We weren't sure how much attention Peter would need from one or both of his parents.  Turns out Peter was all too happy to be perched on the booster seat with the fun apron draped around him.

It started out with a comb through which was quietly received, though with a definite look of concern.

Then came the first cut.  Not so much as a whimper from any of us.

Peter sat quietly and still throughout the entire cut.

In fact, for much of the cut he could barely suppress a smile.

It was clear that he was happy with the proceedings.  Perhaps he was thinking how nice it was going to be to run outside on a windy day without getting hair in his eyes and mouth.  Maybe he was looking forward to lying down on the floor next to his beloved trucks without fear of having his hair stepped on (accidentally and otherwise) by Eliot.  Then again, he could have been thinking how pleasant swimming was going to be now that his hair wouldn't be getting caught in his armpit any more.  Whatever the reason, he was beaming.

Clippings were kept for posterity, of course.

And then he was done!

To top it all off he was rewarded with a lolly!  Next we drove Daddy to work and then Peter and I ran a few errands.  It was funny to see how his whole demeanor seemed to change.  You know how it is after you get a new haircut and you walk out of the place with a spring in your step?  You're ready to take on the world because gosh you look sharp.  That's what Peter was like.  It was pretty clear in the way he carried himself that he felt like he was the big man on campus.

Then bedtime came.  And my baby was back again.

The next day we were still getting used to Peter's new look and learning new things about him, like the fact that a vein pops out on his neck when he's worked up.  I'd almost forgotten that he had a neck.

One thing is for sure, short hair or long, he's still our fun little Mr. Boo.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Beach Weather is Back!

October was such a grey and rainy month.  Evidently last October was unusually dry, and though we were glad to have the rain this year it was tough staying indoors with two little boys.  Toward the end of the month we were glad to see the sun returning.  Then over the last couple of weeks it was as though someone flipped a switch.  The skies cleared, the temperature soared, and the boys and I headed for the beach.

We got to work right away digging a big hole in the sand.

We dug and dug, so that when a wave washed up on the shore...

...instant wading pool!!

There's something very liberating about the combination of sand, sun, and water.

Both boys have really grown into the beach, and they both love it.  It's going to be a great summer!  What's the only down-side to the beach?

Sandy fingers.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!!

We had so much fun for Halloween!  This year Eliot chose his own costume and both boys enjoyed the festivities.  Our Halloween celebration included not one, not two, but three events.

On Saturday morning, the boys and I grabbed the last 15 minutes or so of the American Women's Club Mom and Tots Halloween party.  It was just enough time for Peter to have his first face-painting experience, Eliot to get in some good jumping in the bouncy castle, and for both boys to cram cupcakes into their mouths.

The party was held at a community centre that had an indoor play area.  Peter found a little toy school bus and immediately decided that this was pretty much the greatest party ever.

Later that day the whole family rolled up to the church parking lot for Trunk or Treat.  Our intrepid pirate and Peterman! were ready for action. 

Eliot's desire to dress up as a pirate stemmed from a book we had recently borrowed from the library called "The Gingerbread Pirates" which is actually a Christmas book, but oh well.  He was particularly excited about his cutlass.

Peter dressed up as the superhero version of himself, Peterman!

A group photo was taken and Peter was sure to make a space for his bear.

Eliot took his turn brushing the giant teeth, Peter was more interested in his candy.

After round one of Trunk or Treating Peterman! was ready to help man the trunk while munching his candy.  Eliot and Daddy continued.

Time to kick back and have a snack.

On Thursday afternoon I took the boys over to a shopping centre that we frequent where they were throwing a Halloween party for the kiddies complete with trick or treating at several of the shops and a "spooky" storyteller.  Peter wasn't too sure that he was on board with the storytelling.

I got Peter settled into a chair a row behind Eliot and then looked down to adjust my camera settings.  By the time I looked back up Peter had moved up to sit by his big brother.

This is Peter doing Zombie Arms.  The only brains in danger from this zombie are those belonging to Mars Bars.

After all the trick or treating and the storytelling the boys had a play in the centre of the shopping centre.  They ran and ran and ran.

That evening it was home for supper, a nice warm shower to wash away the day, and a fun Halloween book with Daddy before collapsing into bed.