Sunday, June 1, 2014


I love listening to what the boys have to say.  Recently they've been addressing each other as "Brother."  We were at the park the other day and Peter was following after Eliot calling "Brother, Brother!"  Eliot still has quite a few "special" pronunciations for words like shushi and brefiskt.  He has also caught on to some Aussie pronunciations, like the other day when I told him that something was a pattern and he said, "No, it's not!  It's a pattin" and of course he still insists that his teacher's name is not Miss Taylor, but Miss Tayla.

The almost constant barrage of Why Questions from Eliot sometimes traps me in some pretty circular reasoning.  For example:

"Mama, why don't cats have hands?"

"Well, they don't need hands."


"They walk on their four paws and carry things in their teeth."

"Oh.  Why do they carry things in their teeth?"

"Well, because they don't have hands."

Peter is also quite the talker though he's often shy.  When I pick him up from the gym's creche or nursery at church, the carers often comment on how quiet he is.  However the moment he sees Spencer or myself he becomes a fountain of information, relating all of his little observations.

Some of his baby pronunciations have given way to something more recognizable.  Where he once said "ee-mow" he now says "oatmeal" but there's still "peebeebubber" and "matewa" (peanut butter and Nutella) and his l's are pronounced like w's (Ewiot).  Now that Eliot is in school full time it's just Peter and me at the library's story time and he really likes it.  He and Eliot often distracted one another and it was hard for them to sit still, but Peter will go right up to the front and sit and listen to the stories and follow along with the little songs.  Here's a song that he learned at the library:

They're so much fun.