Saturday, February 13, 2016

How they're going

Now that I have a week to relax up here in Montreal and re-group, I thought I would settle in and catch up on my blog with a little update about the boys.
Eliot and Peter are a riot. They have a hard time going to sleep in the same room together so we've worked out a system where Peter goes to bed in his own bed and Eliot goes to sleep in my bed. After everyone is asleep, we move Eliot to his bed in the boys' room and everyone gets a good night's sleep. Occasionally we'll let the boys try going to sleep in the same room on a Friday night but so far we've still had to revert to our present set up. It has been smooth sailing although recently Peter has taken to sneaking out of his bed and into the room with Eliot to chat and play. The other night I found them with a book open with Eliot reading a story to Peter. I let them finish the story before taking Peter back to his bed.

The boys are getting a full dose of winter. Aunt Rissie has started a hiking club for students at the school where she teaches. A few weeks ago she invited the boys and I to join them on a candlelit hike through Horicon Marsh. Sounded like a great idea, and it was, except that we didn't realize that during the drive out to the marsh the temperature had dropped precipitously. We were grateful for the bonfires and the lodge filled with cozy activities but the boys also braved a shorter version of the hike with me. During the hike the boys took turns walking next to me so that I could cover their face with my gloved hand.

Both Eliot and Peter are taking basketball lessons at the YMCA this winter. At both levels they're working on basic skills like dribbling, passing, shooting, blocking and guarding. It will be great to have Dad in town later this month to practice with!

Last month Eliot's school put on their Winter Program which was themed "Welcome to Holiday Inn." Because I was a classic film junkie growing up I was already familiar with this Bing Crosby/Fred Astaire film. Each grade sang songs from a different holiday (Eliot sang songs about Thanksgiving with his fellow first graders) and then all of the students sang Christmas songs. The children were asked to dress in their best with the boys specifically asked to where a collared shirt with a tie. Eliot looked very sharp and quite grown up and his face beamed as he joined his friends before the show started.

I also bought a tie for Peter and both boys have been wearing their ties to church. Eliot will take his tie off as soon as he's home (or sooner) but Peter will keep his on the entire day. In fact the first day he wore it he wanted to still wear it with his pajamas when the time came to get ready for bed. Looking like a real Odd Squad agent was just too cool to give up.

Peter digging in with chop sticks. It took some convincing to get him to try the fried rice but then he gobbled it up and he declared, "Dees scwambood eggs aw deewissess!"

We went to the Domes (botanical gardens) down in Milwaukee a couple of weekends ago and the boys were delighted to find an elaborate model train system running around the center of the Show Dome. They sat for what seemed like hours and watched the trains coming and going.

We've started making smoothies with the boys and I usually make one that has blueberries, banana, spinach, oatmeal, yogurt and milk. Both boys like it but Peter in particular is a big fan. Here he's sporting his smoothie mustache.

Both Eliot and Peter love being read to. Up until recently Eliot has a hard time working up the motivation to sit down and work on reading. Being able to read stories to Peter has proven to be an effective motivator. Nothing pulls them in and calms them down quite like reading. This picture was taken at the Public Library in downtown Milwaukee. We took the boys there after the Domes visit to do some reading and pick up some books. Some of their favorites right now are "Bink and Gollie," "Frankie Pickle," and "Galaxy Zack." On the long drive home to West Bend they each sat with a book open in their lap, pouring over the words and pictures.

I love these two feisty little guys so much.