Monday, May 30, 2016

Our Little Graduate

This past Thursday we attended a very special event. Peter and his classmates at the YMCA's Early Learning Center were being honored as they finish up the year. A graduation ceremony was held for those who will be moving into Kindergarten next year. Peter has loved the days he has spent with his teachers and friends. He was very excited to have his picture taken with his teacher, Ms Becca. He has learned a lot and is looking forward to starting a new chapter in his education next fall.

Peter was the first to take the stand and accept his certificate. The teachers gave a little blurb about each child and in Peter's case they talked about how he had started out as the quietest child in the class but had blossomed into quite the chatter-box and that they were very proud of him. 

We are proud of him too. He is such a fun, surprising little guy. When he saw us in the audience his face lit up with totally uninhibited delight. He has the best laugh and very expressive hand gestures which he uses to emphasize almost everything he says. His imagination is boundless. The other day he told me that the night before he had had a nightmare that a monster was chasing him a trying to eat him but that he had somehow realized that the monster only wanted to play and be friends. So now they're great friends and meet up every night in Dreamland to play. The monster's name is Max.

Peter and Eliot are excited to be attending the same school next year. I'm sure that Peter will continue to blossom there are well. 

Congratulations Peter!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A hard afternoon's work

My parents are adding a garden to their backyard and in these parts that means a garden fence to protect the harvest from roving herds of deer. My parents hired a crew led by the boys' personal hero--Jim Anderson--to build a fence with a gate. The gate required a frame, which required cement, which required a shortened school-day for Eliot and Peter so that they could watch, help and scavenge cool things like blocks of scrap wood and globs of wet cement. I mean, this was the real deal.

Eliot helps dump cement mix into the wheelbarrow. Peter watches and waits for his chance to add a dandelion to the mix because, well, why not.

Eliot and Peter took turns adding water.

Working together to blend the water with the cement.


And plop. 
Eliot did a pretty good job maneuvering his shovel and Peter got in on the action too.

Peter kicking back with some apple juice and some Winnie the Pooh tunes. A well earned rest.