Sunday, July 26, 2009


The past few weeks have been busy for our whole family. After much researching, writing, editing, translating, transcribing, trans-Atlantic travel, etc., etc., Spencer's dissertation has been turned over to the powers that be in anticipation of his September 18th defense. In the meantime I, along with my co-workers, have been preparing for our 400+ bed hospital to go live with computer charting. And if all that weren't enough, Eliot has started rolling over and had his first taste of rice cereal!

Eliot has also discovered his toes and lets out a squeal that's starting to sound like a giggle when you give him raspberries on his tummy. I made a hat for Eliot, intended for this winter when he's a bit bigger. I swear I followed the pattern exactly, but unless Eliot's head swells to 6x its present size in the next five months I don't think it's going to work. It's even big on Spencer and myself!
It's amazing just how much he's been growing. Spencer and I looked over some of the older photos and the difference blows my mind! But inside he's still that same snuggly little sweetheart!
(Left: Eliot at 2 weeks Right: Eliot at 4 months)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Last week Eliot took his first trip across the border to his father's native land--Canada. We headed north to Edmonton, Alberta to attend a family reunion on the Youngs' side and experience what Spencer calls "the best summer anywhere". And I have to tell you, it was quite pleasent and didn't get dark until past 11 pm. Eliot had a chance to meet his only living great-grandparents (Gigi and Bapa). He met his Uncle Aaron, with girlfriend Patti, and Uncle Doug, for the first time along with a whole host of half-cousins, great-aunts and uncles, etc, etc.

Eliot got a lot of practice napping in unusual spots. Whether it was on the seat in the airport, in the stroller at the Ukrainan village, or in the arms of Grandma Bennett, he slept like a pro.

While we were there Eliot's Nana Young was appointed a judge and we all had the chance to attend her swearing-in. Eliot put his napping skills into action and slept like an angel through the whole thing, saving his screams for the nice reception that followed.

Spencer and I had a wonderful time. Most of the days were spent relaxing and visiting with family and friends. We had the chance to go to the Ukranian village with Gigi and Bapa where we toured a number of beautifully restored buildings and munched delicious Ukranion food. And I must say, there is something awfully nice about lingering in the extended twilight as bowls of fruit and old stories get passed around.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Puppy dog tails...

A few weeks ago Eliot had his first up close and personal encounter with man's best friend. Our friends, Jordan and Cydney Van Orman have a couple of pugs, Jack and Oscar, who were anxious to get to know Eliot. We got a big kick out of Eliot's reaction. You can practically see the words written on his face as skepticism leads to curiosity and finally gives way to friendship.