Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

I find myself sitting in front of the computer, wanting to write something eloquent about motherhood and all it means to me and all of the mothers who have touched my life in addition to my own wonderful mother.  But I'm almost too tired to think (I'm counting the days until Spencer gets home on Wednesday).  I suppose there is a kind of eloquence in the exhaustion that comes from caring for young children.  
So it may not be very eloquent, but it is certainly sincere.  I am so thankful for my mother and for all that she has done and does do for me.  I am thankful for my two splendid mothers-in-law and for the man who brought them into my life.  And of course I'm thankful for the two little boys who call me "Mama" and who break my heart every day--it's bursting with love for them.

It was a beautiful, sunny day so I took the boys to Kings Park to have a walk.  Peter's Smile For The Camera Face has improved considerably.  I kind of miss the scrunched up face, but now we can see his beautiful eyes.

Eliot took off his shoes to do some yoga with his scooter.  I asked him if they'd been teaching him yoga at school and he said, "No Mama, you taught me."  I'd forgotten, but he hadn't.

I love my sweet boys so much.  They made it a very happy Mother's Day indeed.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sibling Revelry

I love seeing Eliot and Peter playing happily together.  And not just because it allows me a little peace to read or do a blog post on a Sunday afternoon.  It's fun to observe their interactions with one another and the things they incorporate into their play.  Like most older children Eliot can sometimes boss a bit ("Peter, you don't know a lot of wisdom as we do"), and like most younger children Peter finds great enjoyment in pushing Eliot's buttons.  So cooperative play occasionally erupts into squabbles, but for the most part they're good at getting along. 

Here they're playing Auto-Parts Shop.  Eliot had set up his shop (notice how he has stacked the tires) and Peter was pretending to buy items to build a car.  Just about everything was going for $500.

A picnic on the beach after paddling in the water.  This picture was actually taken a few weeks ago, on Grandma's last day with us.  Since this time the days and evenings have gotten a little more cool and rainy.

They were so sweet, sitting together and munching on their picnic supper, waiting for the sun to set.