Saturday, February 13, 2010

Visiting the Visiting Scholar

It's hard to believe that a month has passed since we got Spencer settled into the little house in South Bend, Indiana. Eliot and I have been installed at my parents' place here in Milwaukee (I'm still working at Froedtert) and we have been driving down to South Bend on the weekends. Most people who hear of the arrangement are all sympathy and say "how awful for you!" All I can say is, South Bend is a lot closer than Paris--though not quite as fun to visit. However, I have heard they have a chocolate factory that gives tours! We'll have to visit it one of these weekends and risk being carried off by oompa-loompas.

I actually kind of enjoy the drives down. Especially on Friday evening after work. Eliot falls right to sleep in the back seat and sleeps almost the entire way. I love driving through Chicago at that time. You get a beautiful view of the sky line, all lit up and glittering. I've also been listening to an audio book (Adam Bede, by George Eliot) and it really makes the time go quickly. We've been blessed with good weather for the drive so far and with spring just around the corner we're hoping it will hold.

Spencer has been enjoying his time at Notre Dame. He is essentially working his way through reams of Latin text that have been transcribed from an original document. This weekend he also had the opportunity to go to Pheonix (poor dear, and in middle of winter too) to attend a conference where he presented a paper, did some networking, and caught up with our friends, the Lundgrens. Eliot and I are glad he could go but we'll be glad to have him back again.