Monday, March 15, 2010

Mister Eliot's First Birthday!

Was it just 12 short months ago that Spencer and I brought home a little warm bundle named Eliot Arthur? There's a Christmas song that refers to the Christ Child as a "wondrous little stranger", and that is exactly what Eliot was to us. A precious little stranger. His personality has been blossoming ever since, and we've come to know him as Mister Mister, This Boy, Mister Machine, The Colossus, Sweet Little Pumpkin Boy, Little Big Guy, and of course, Lovee. He has effortlessly wrapped us around his dimpled little finger and as he embarks on his second year on this planet we wish him the very best and hope that one day he realizes how much joy he has brought into our lives in just the short space of this first year.

Happy Birthday Mister Eliot!

Eliot was joined by family and friends from far and near to celebrate. He was very thankful for his gifts but he was more thankful still for all the little children who'd come to play with him! Can you find him in the photos below?

The birthday cake was a wonderful treat once he got started, but the best discovery was the strawberries! He smelled like frosting the next day, even after a bath!

Here's to one fantastic year!


Claudia said...

That cake looks delectable! Happy first year to Eliot!

Eileen Young said...

Where do I send a birthday gift to Eliot?? An address would be good. Happy Birthday Eliot.
Gigi I e-mailed Spencer but got no reply.I can receive e-mail but not send out.

Erin H. said...

Happy birthday little guy!

Janet said...

Happy Birthday big guy! I love the "Where's Eliot?" pictures.

Peggy, Jason and Lily said...

so cute! what a special message for his special day!